• welcome the holidays

    welcome the holidays

    we are here for you for all your holiday needs and wants again.


    Pumpkin Cheesecake Bundt Cake $20
    Lemon Cranberry Tart $22
    Pear Caramel Pie (hazelnut crust) $20
    Pumpkin Pie (sweetened with apple butter, pepita streusel) $20
    Apple Cheddar Pie $22
    Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie $25

    Mother Moo Ice Cream- Pints- $9

    Salted Chocolate
    Salted Butter Caramel
    Organic Pumpkin


    Cranberry Orange Walnut Chutney- Pint- $12
    Turkey Sage Stuffing Meatballs- Dozen- $10
    Bacon Cheddar Cheese Puffs- Dozen- $10
    Brie en Croute- $8
                          with Basalmic Onions
                          or Fig Preserve


    We look forward to seeing you again.


    Linda, Liz, Stephanie, Ryan and the pie man Francis

    tel 626.795.2447
    217 South Michigan
    Pasadena, 91106