Our market is stocked with the best local products with an emphasis on artisanal breads, jams, organic ice cream, cheeses, classic candies and intriguing drinkables. We support local small business, and hope you do the same. 

The following are a few of the amazing companies that we provide in our market:

 Zapps Chips  •  Quinn Popcorn  •  Golden Road (Beer)  • Simply Gum •  Clover Organic Milk • Mother Moo Creamery (Ice Cream)  •  Old Town Bakery Breads • Kombucha Dog • Pick-A-Peck Pickles • Hanover Road (jams, brittle and fudge) • Krave Jerky • 

And vintage candies:

GooGoo Clusters • Pop Rocks • Idaho Spud • Taffy • Candy Buttons • Wax Lips • Big Cherry • Valomilk • Clark Bars •